Scientific concentration on nuclear medicine, whether in the form of publications, congress contributions, different cooperations, activities related to scientific appraisals and reviewing, etc.—based on a broad quality management system—significantly supports quality assurance and advances in a very broad special field. Current scientific research primarily focuses on the following areas:

  • Radiochemical/radiopharmaceutical isotope techniques
  • In vivo nuclear medicine diagnostics
  • Interventions

Our main research areas


Our current scientific projects focus on:

  • Expansion of in-house synthesis of radioactive drugs
  • Scientific investigation of radiopharmaceutical analysis and aspects of drug safety
  • Clinical oncology research

More information on projects is available here.

Our objective

In our research, we pursue the following goals:

  • Support the main agenda of the Medical University of Graz regarding "sustainable health research" and "cancer research"
  • Detect as early as possible functional disorders and medical conditions that affect the organs and organ systems
  • Detect as early as possible the efficacy of a therapy with regard to pretesting, disease progression and biological endpoint determination
  • Consolidate and expand national and international specialist and interdisciplinary cooperations